Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was sooooo scared to weigh in...

...but it wasn't so bad! I was only down a half of a pound, but that's OK! I thought for sure I'd be up! I went on our Women's Retreat with church and ate what they served. It was kind of hard to make great food choices when even the salad dressing on the salad bar had more calories then my entire (usual) dinner. I did splurge and have dessert one night and even a smore at the campfire. Now come on....how can I pass up a smore?? Those are my absolute favorite!! If it wern't for my wroking out so hard I think I would have been up.
I tried on some old jeans this past Friday and they FIT! They are a size 18. I'd gotten up to a size 20/22, so even if the scale doesn't always show it, my clothes are fitting again! :)
I worked out today with my trainer/friend Kim and she kicked my can! It's all good.......it'll be good for me.
Time to get back on track and drop some more pounds!


  1. Clare, I am so excited about your enthusiasim. You will be in my prayers. My sister is extremely over weight, too. I wish it would click with her. Sami

  2. If you ask me, 1/2 a pound doesn't matter as long as you are losing inches! Remember muscle weighs more than fat.
    I'm feeling inspired to get up off of my can now, thanks to you! Keep up the good work, Clare.