Thursday, December 24, 2009

Down another -3.6 lbs.

We've been so busy here I haven't updated the blog for a couple weeks. I started this blog to help keep me on track, to keep me accountable. The followers and comments you all leave is just icing on the cake.

Last week I was up a bit. I'd done a cookie exchange with some friends and boy did I eat some cookies!! :) I knew I'd be up, but I also let myself have that fun with friends. I didn't beat myself up over it. I've been on Weight Watchers for 17 weeks and have only been up 2 of those weeks.

Last week I received a new charm for my WW key chain. It's a charm for attending 16 meetings 16 weeks in a row. I was very proud of that charm. A lot of times I start "projects" and don't finish them. It must be the ADD in me. Well this project I've started is different. It's a lifestyle change and I've done well with this change. I put the WW meeting on my calendar and don't let anything get in it's way.

I was down-3.6 this week. I had to make up for the gain last week. :) I'm now down a total of -37 on WW and -42 all together! What a great gift to myself!

I wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas! I'm very much looking forward to the new year!

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