Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How did I lose this week??

I must have a tape worm! Let's see....on Wednesday I ate cookie dough, on Thursday I left for my scrapbook retreat and ate whatever was being served. Didn't over-do it, but really didn't count points. While on the weekend I ate almost half a bag of snack size Twix. Went to WW this AM and had lost -2.6 pounds!! They say it's because I'm working out so much that it's changed my metabolism. Whatever works!.....I'm just happy to be down!
I'm now down a total of -35 pounds on WW and -40 all together. I had lost 5 before I joined.
I wish all of you a fantastic week!!


  1. Wow!

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left for me! See you this weekend.

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