Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wow this year is flying by... is it already the end of February?? Easter is right around the corner. Summer will be here all too quickly and I need to get back on track.
I've been loosing and gaining the same 4 pounds for a few weeks now. I went to my weekly meeting yesterday and was somehow shockingly down another pound. The Girl Scout Cookies didn't kill me (yet)!
I know I need to get back to exercising, but I truly just don't like it. I'd much rather do nothing and lose weight, but I know that's not possible. I need to get back with Kim (my trainer and friend) and get back into the gym. As much as I dread it I MUST do it! I truly want to lose another 40+ pounds and can't do that on just diet alone.
Maybe I should try some classes?? Any ideas anyone?


  1. there are so many different ways to exercise. The key is to do something physical that you don't normally do, and it can be fun stuff. Yoga, Pilates, martial arts, Spinnning, etc. But then there are the other things....Rock Climbing, hiking, bike riding, etc

  2. I found that I did better at exercising when I had a scheduled meeting with a friend. Since I have stopped doing this, I have stopped exercising. :(

  3. I agree with Anonymous. I also hate to work out just to 'work out'. Find something you really like to do that is so much fun, you forget you are working out. Biking, Racquetball, outdoor sports, rollerblading, golf, etc. Make it happen Clare!! Good luck.