Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Time!

I've decided IT'S TIME!! Time to cut the crap. Time to get on track. No more excuses and no more putting it off. There is always going to be some reason to try to put it off....Christmas, Birthday or special events. It's just time!

I have an old friend from high school Sally. Sally had an older sister Katie who I just admired so much. She was always so fun and outgoing! Katie and I both helped the sports teams, were on the pep squad and we both were very active in our school. I was looking at Sally's Facebook pictures when I came across pictures from her other sisters wedding. I just kept looking at this one girl in those pictures and said, "Is that Katie? She looks amazing!" She looked very trim and fit! My first thought was I bet she's had weight loss surgery. I'd looked into it and was very close to having the lapband myself. I sent a message to Sally through FB and said, "Sally, I'm needing to lose a bunch of weight and couldn't help but notice the pictures of Katie. She looks wonderful! Can you let me know what she did to lose weight?" Sally's response totally surprised me. She informed me that two years ago Katie joined Weight Watchers and hasn't looked back. She's lost around 100 pounds and is now a size 4. She's running marathons!

Something just clicked....or snaped! I'm not sure which. I right then and there decided I CAN DO THIS!! I HAVE TO DO THIS! I was so proud of Katie and her accomplishment! I knew that if she could do it I could do it to! Katie, (maybe someday you'll read this) I want you to know you were/are my inspiration!

I had a physical from the Dr. not too long ago. I got that dreaded news.....I'm borderline diabetic and my blood pressure was up a bit. The Dr. simply stated that if I could lose a bit of weight I could get rid of both these potentially deadly medical diagnoises.

I HAVE to do this for me and for my health. I have a 3 year old son Tommy and I want to do everything in my power to be around as long as I can for him!

It's time!! I joined Weight Watchers on September 1, 2009.

The picture above was taken less then a month ago. I am 246 lbs. in this picture.

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