Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week One

WooHoo!! Today I weighed in at 241. I'm 5 pounds down. At my heaviest a few months ago I weighed in at 249....I can't believe I'd let myself get to 250. Well enough beating myself up....time to move on. I'm down.....any loss is good, but 5 pounds is great! I know I won't lose that much each week. Usually you lose the most the first two weeks then it's recommended to lose about 2 pounds per week.

I have no desire to be a size 2...I haven't been a size 2 since I was 2! I'd like to get back to around 170. I weighed 180 when I met Eric.

Here is my goal: I'd like to lose 2 pounds a week until I get down to 170. That's 76 total pounds. That's 38 weeks which would be almost 10 months. Hopefully by June of 2010 I can be at goal.

When I was home last Christmas I was talking with Dr. Vesper (my brothers father-in-law) and he was talking about how to maintain weight loss. He said the easiest way to maintain is if you gain 3 pounds you stop and lose it ASAP. That was another light bulb moment. I have lost weight before but sadly failed at keeping it off. I'd gain 5 pounds and think it's no big deal. Then it'd hit 10 and I still think well 10 isn't bad....I was so heavy before. Then 10 turned to 20 which then turned to giving up. I always had an excuse. NO MORE EXCUSES.

It's Time!

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